Strategic Corporate Initiative

I’ve only read through the first couple of chapters. A very well done piece with many suggestions — both long and short-term. Comments welcome on whether any of this is worth further discussion on a state-level. I’d be happy to help organize a meeting.
Strategic Corporate Initiative: Toward a Global Citizens’ Movement to Bring Corporations Back Under Control by Michael Marx, Mari Margil, John Cavanagh, Sarah Anderson, Chuck Collins, Charlie Cray, Marjorie Kelly, Corporate Ethics International.

There are tectonic stresses building beneath the surface of our society that threaten a global earthquake unlike any we’ve seen in recent history. Global warming is accelerating; fossil fuels are being rapidly exhausted; critical eco-systems have been severely damaged; and the income gap between rich and poor is increasing rapidly. The root cause of most of these problems can be found in the excessive power of global corporations. To solve these problems, we must bring corporations back under our control. This will be one of the greatest challenges our society faces this century.

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