Changing Laws Asserting Local Self-Governance
Maine Town Passes Ordinance Asserting Local Self-Governance and Stripping Corporate Personhood
The citizens of Shapleigh, Maine voted recently at a special town meeting to pass a groundbreaking Rights-Based Ordinance. This revolutionary ordinance give its citizens the right to local self-governance and gives rights to ecosystems but denies the rights of personhood to corporations.
Money Down the Drain: How Private Control of Water Wastes Public Resources
Food and Water Watch, Washington, DC 2009
The successful citizen campaign in Akron, Ohio to keep public utilities public and letting citizens decide who should control their water/sewer system is prominently featured in the report. Akron voters overwhelmingly defeated a ballot measure sponsored by the mayor to privatize/corporatize the city sewer system and overwhelmingly passed a citizen initiative changing the city charter to prevent the future sale, lease or transfer of any public utility without a public vote.

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