Resources and Petition on Democratizing Banks

More Than One Way to Take Over a Bank

AFL-CIO: Gov’t Should Acquire Controlling Shares of Banks (at Least for a While)

Death To Zombies: Nationalize Banks Now

Sold Out: How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America
[ Report shows $5 Billion in Wall Street Political Investments, 1998-2008]
An embargoed executive summary is at:>
An embargoed excerpt with highlights of the campaign contribution and lobbyist data is at:>.
An embargoed copy of the report introduction by Harvey Rosenfield is at:>

Money as Debt

The Dow Knows All

The Secret Government
by Derek Wilson ~ New Zealandnd
Pacific Institute of Resource Management Inc.

Early Bailout Scams
by Richard Moore
Nasrudin was plodding along the village path on his donkey, minding his own business, when he was approached by a stranger. The stranger was distraught, and explained he had just lost a pile of money gambling. He was upset because he was supposed to host a banquet the next day, and it was too important to cancel.
Nasrudin, being a sympathetic soul, said he’d be glad to bail the stranger out, but he was broke himself. So the stranger says, that’s no problem, I’ll loan you the money and then you can give it to me. Nasrudin was bit slow in the head, perhaps from the desert sun, and he agreed.
A few days later Nasrudin was once more out on his donkey, and the stranger approached him again. This time he asked Nasrudin to repay the loan. Nasrudin said, “I can’t, I gave the money to you.” Too bad, the stranger says, I’ll have to take your donkey.


Petition to Ohio US Senators and Representatives

Please sign the petition:
[64 of you already have. Thank you! If you haven’t, please do so. Another 50 signatures have been collected/submitted on printed petitions to date]

Please forward this email

Please circulate the petition and send it back by March 16 (feel free to fill out more than one!)
Download petition at

Please join us on Tuesday, March 17 to turn in collected names to US Senators Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich.

[We will meet at Noon on St. Patrick’s Day in front of Sherrod Brown’s office, 1301 E. 9th St. in Cleveland, deliver the names, then march to George Voinovich’s office where we’ll do the same. St. Patrick’s Day seems an appropriate moment to tell our Senators to “Save our Green by Stop Bailing out Wall St!” Please wear green. We’ll supply green hats. We’ll also send copies of all petitions to each US Representative from Ohio — unless someone is willing to make a personal delivery to a local Congressional office. If interested, contact us and we’ll send you a copy of collected names.]

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