What is Happening Politically/Economically

Here are 2 interviews (thanks to Gary Goodman for forwarding) well worth listening to which help decipher what is happening economically and politically at this moment. It can only be summarized as pure theft and a profound transfer of power from the many to the few. While it’s tempting to label it true “March Madness,” it’s actually taking place right before us all deliberately with clear logic and strategy.

There are many responses required. All should include maintaining the right to self-governance and protection of our assets from being shifted to the select few connected to financial institutions, military contractors, and other transnational corporations.

No public official should receive a pass. All should be pressured to justify supporting $ for bank bailouts and war (er, “defense”) spending.

If you haven’t already done so, please consider signing the petition linked at the end…as just one action step.

We’ve been focused on this arena for the last few months because it seems to be so pivotal at this moment in history.

Thank you for your patience, interest, and support.


Guns and Butter – “The Way We Were and What We Are Becoming” – March 4, 2009 at 1:00pm
with financial economist and historian, Dr. Michael Hudson. We begin with an analysis of the continuing bailout of insurance giant AIG and Monday’s stock market selloff; price and debt deflation; the two sectors of the economy; two definitions of ‘free markets’; the classical economists; revolution from the right and the former Soviet states; the threat of war; IMF/World Bank resurgence; the dollar versus the euro; analogies to Rome, neo-feudalism.

Guns and Butter – “America’s Fiscal Collapse – Obama’s Budget Will Impoverish America” – March 11, 2009 at 1:00pm
with economist and author, Michel Chossudovsky. The administration’s 2010 budget will entail the most drastic curtailment in public spending in American history, leading to social havoc and the potential impoverishment of millions of people. Defense spending and bank bailouts will consume all government revenue resulting in fiscal collapse that will lead to the privatization of the state.


Petition to Ohio US Senators and Representatives

Please sign the petition: http://www.webpetitions.com/cgi-bin/print_petition.cgi?99504389

Please forward this email

Please circulate the petition and send it back by March 16 (feel free to fill out more than one!)
Download petition at http://www.afsc.net/PDFFiles/DemocratizeBanksPetition.pdf

Please join us on Tuesday, March 17 to turn in collected names to US Senators Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich.

[We will meet at Noon on St. Patrick’s Day in front of Sherrod Brown’s office, 1301 E. 9th St. in Cleveland, deliver the names, then march to George Voinovich’s office where we’ll do the same. St. Patrick’s Day seems an appropriate moment to tell our Senators to “Save our Green by Stop Bailing out Wall St!” Please wear green. We’ll supply green hats. We’ll also send copies of all petitions to each US Representative from Ohio.]

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