The Fight of Our Lives: The Populist Battle with Corporate Power/Abolish Corporate Personhood Conference Call

The Fight of Our Lives: The Populist Battle with Corporate Power
“We need a lot more agitation. [T]hat’s the only thing that succeeds from a progressive side in changing politics in America.”
May 2, 2010 | Bill Moyers Journal / By Bill Moyers and Jim Hightower
The following is a transcript of Bill Moyers’ interview with Jim Hightower from the final broadcast of Bill Moyers Journal. It has been edited for length.–_the_fight_of_our_lives%3A_the_populist_battle_with_corporate_power?page=entire

If you want to agitate for real change to fundamentally challenge corporate power and move to amend the constitution to abolish corporate personhood and corporate constitutional rights, join us this Saturday for the…

May 8 Statewide Abolish Corporate Personhood Conference Call
Saturday, May 8
10 am – 11 am
Call in #: 1-218-862-7200
Access Code: 744213

Proposed Agenda
1. Report on national April 30-May 2 Campaign to Legalize Democracy/Move to Amend convention, Denver, CO – Anita Rios from NW Ohio and Greg Coleridge from NE Ohio reporting
2. Report on forums/educational events statewide
3. Name of statewide effort: Ohio Democracy Alliance? Ohio Move to Amend? Others.
4. Website
5. Local/statewide resolutions
6. July 4
7. Voter guides and/or birddogging of federal/state candidates on this issue.

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