Will the BP Oil Spill Be the Spark?

Here’s what we should all be concerned about at the moment related to disasters (though this is human-made) and the government’s response. It’s no longer a question of corporations vs government…although it hasn’t been for a very long time. Corporations have captured government — with the BP disaster being the latest poster child to make the point. Why government is “bad” to many teabaggers and others has to do with the fact it no longer represents the majority of its citizens. The majority are being those of us without money and power. It’s not about race or gender or religion. There are unquestionably legitimate race, gender and religious issues that exist to disempower people and communities. At the same time, race, gender and religion have been and are used to divide the majority in our country who are poor and working people from each other — from forming social movements for real change.

Future Hope column, May 23, 2010
Will the BP Oil Spill Be the Spark?
By Ted Glick

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