March of the Monahan brothers through Ohio

Robin and Laird Monahan, Vietnam Veterans, are walking across the country to raise the issue of abolishing corporate personhood and Move to Amend. Their route is roughly US Route 50. This will bring them to Ohio from Cincinnati through Athens. They’re willing to make a stop off-route in Columbus.

Their schedule is as follows:
Cincinnati OH Sept. 13 Monday
Columbus OH Sept. 20 Monday
Athens OH Sept. 24 Friday

They’re traveling with a vehicle, so usually only one of the brothers is walking at a time.

At each stop they’re looking for a place to stay, an event to speak at, publicity, and fellow walkers.

Let me know if you’re willing to host/organize a visit in any of their locations.

We also need to work on stops between Cincy and Athens. Does anyone have any contacts? We should try to at least work on Chillicothe (Ohio’s first state capital).

Move information about who they are and their trip is at

Target Targets Pro-Corporate Politicians Thanks to Citizens United

It was only a matter of time before business corpses decided to take advantage of the Citizens United vs FEC Supreme Court decision and open up their corporate treasuries to support corporate-friendly politicians.

The Target corporation, Best Buy corporation, and 5 other corporations have come up with $100,000 each to fund “Minnesota Forward,” a pro-corporate political action committee now running ads in support of Rep. Tom Emmer, candidate for Governor.

That means a portion of your purchase at any one of these corpses will be directed to ads supporting pro-corporate candidates.

Are the Corporate Money Floodgates About to Open?

Abolish Corporate Personhood. Move to Amend.

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