PsySR Statement on Corporate Personhood

Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) issued a fine statement on October 7 on corporate personhood.

The awakening continues. The movement against corporate personhood grows.

This important statement comes at a critical juncture as people across the country and around the world are occupying public spaces demanding democracy and justice. Among the major institutions on planet earth preventing justice and usurping our right to govern is the business corporation.

From the PsySR statement:
“Corporations…are structural entities created by laws rather than by natural, biological processes. Corporations are vehicles, designed to achieve specific ends, typically those of growth, profitability and longevity beyond the span of human life. Corporations are amoral. They have no capacity for guilt, shame, pride, or penance. They possess no motivations, beliefs, or emotions, and they cannot make decisions nor take action—not, at least, outside of the human beings who run them. Corporations are not people. From a psychological perspective, corporate personhood is a misleading and highly dangerous legal fiction. It provides protection to corporate leaders for activities in which they would otherwise bear personal, lawful responsibility. This legal validation of corporate personhood therefore shields select, powerful corporate officials from the law and liability, encouraging recklessness in the form of unethical, dangerous and, in some instances, illegal behaviors.”

Read the entire statement at

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