Legalized Crime: Fed Bankers and the Creation of Debt-Money

I’m participating on this panel next month. Consider attending!
Left Forum, Saturday, March 17, 2012, New York City

Panel Proposal Information

“The most important fundamental law in any nation is that which institutes money; for money governs the distribution of property, and thus affects in a thousand ways the relations of man to man.” — EdwardKellogg, 1861. Today nearly 14 million Americans are unemployed, another12 million underemployed, 43 million Americans live below the poverty line, 49 million go to bed hungry at night, and an estimated 3 million Americans are homeless. The US Congress created the Federal Reserve in 1913 giving private bankers the power to create money which institutionalized debt slavery for American workers and caused the misery many of the 99% are experiencing today, This panel will review the history of the Fed Reserve creation and describe how this power to create money by private bankers has caused this suffering. Strategies for returning the Constitutional power to create money to the people for the benefit of all Americans will be discussed. With solidarity the present system can be changed to create a world of hope for all Americans.

Panel Topics:
Political Economy And The Current Crisis

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