Vote…then Organize to End Corporate Rule/Money as Speech

Tomorrow is election day, 2012. If you already haven’t, make sure to VOTE for President, U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative, State Assembly, State Supreme Court justices, State School Board, state issues, local offices, local judges and local issues. 
But democracy is more than voting. It’s doing critical and equally important work between elections…
…to EDUCATE the public on important issues and concerns
…to ADVOCATE to elected officials to change or create laws
…to ORGANIZE individuals via groups and coalitions for campaigns and movements to press officials to change/create laws or to launch citizen initiatives to enact new laws
While voting is important, the truth is NO MATTER who is (re)elected tomorrow…
– Corporations will STILL possess never intended inalienable constitutional rights, and
– Money will STILL be defined as equal to speech
Both corporations and money, therefore, will STILL not be able to be regulated in ways which give people without money the ability to have their voices heard, their needs met, and their communities helped. 
While the effort to (un)elect individuals is very important in furthering what’s left of our republic and democracy, until and unless we end the constitutional doctrines that corporations are people and money is speech — these constitutional shields will forever prevent them from being responsible and accountable to We the People.  
So make sure to vote (if you already haven’t!) November 6.
Then rest November 7 (especially if you were involved in a political campaign). 
But then on November 8 commit yourself to helping change the constitutional ground rules shielding corporations and the wealthy few, which permit them to perpetually dominate our politics, economy and society. 
Commit to helping the Move to Amend coalition pass a constitutional amendment declaring:
– Only human beings, not corporations, are legal persons with Constitutional rights, and
– Money is not equivalent to speech, and therefore, regulating political contributions and spending does not equate to limiting political speech.
If interested in helping out in your community, email me at
Corporations are NOT People. Money is NOT Speech.

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