MONETARY HISTORY CALENDAR November 26 – December 2


“I wasn’t worth a cent two years ago, and now I owe two millions of dollars.”
About 1100, King Henry, short on gold money, created a unique form of government issued money – Tally Sticks. These sticks were just that – polished pieces or sticks of wood with notches of a certain size to indicated the value of the wood. They were declared by the King as money and issued for purchases. They were accepted by the King for payment of taxes. Tally Sticks was an accepted debt-free government-issued money system of England for over 700 years, including the period of the rise of the British Empire.
Ending the Debt without Cutting Spending or Raising Taxes
Presentation by Jamie Walton –Monetary Researcher, American Monetary Institute (AMI)
While Congress and media pundits discuss and debate ways to reduce our national debt through spending and taxes policies while protecting social programs and earned entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare, few in DC are proposing a profound way to eliminate our federal debt altogether — by We the People taking back control from banks the ability to issue and circulate our own money. This is by “democratizing our “monetary policy.” A specific bill, H.R. 2990, was introduced earlier this year, the National Emergency Employment Defense (NEED) Act. It would eliminate the debt through creating debt-free U.S. money (compared to most money, which is created by banks via loans, or debt, which must be repaid with interest). The proposed legislation would create 7 million jobs repairing our nation’s basic infrastructure. Mr. Walton and the AMI have been major initiators and promoters of H.R. 2990. Democratizing our monetary policy, as Mr. Walton will discuss, avoids any need to cut spending or raise taxes — with much better economic and social justice results, including ending our nation’s federal debt. 
Monday, December 10, 6:30 pm
Northwest Akron branch of Akron Public Library (Large Meeting Room)
1720 Shatto Ave, Akron
Sponsored by the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee
More information,
Tuesday, December 11, 7:00 pm
Madison Branch of the Lakewood Public Library (Basement Meeting Room) 
13229 Madison Ave., Lakewood
Sponsored by the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee, Monetary Literacy Group
Why this calendar? Many people have questions about the root causes of our economic problems. Some questions involve money, banks and debt. How is money created? Why do banks control its quantity? How has the money system been used to liberate (not often) and oppress (most often) us? And how can the money system be “democratized” to rebuild our economy and society, create jobs and reduce debt?
Our goal is to inform, intrigue and inspire through bite size weekly postings listing important events and quotes from prominent individuals (both past and present) on money, banking and how the money system can help people and the planet. We hope the sharing of bits of buried history will illuminate monetary and banking issues and empower you with others to create real economic and political justice.
This calendar is a project of the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee. Adele Looney, Phyllis Titus, Donna Schall, Leah Davis, Alice Francini and Greg Coleridge helped in its development.
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