IRATE Project – Great Resource on Impact of Corporate Rights on Human Rights

I heard about this terrific resource today at the Democracy Convention

What is IRATE
We decided to borrow from the common methodology of analysis within the legal profession and community known as IRAC (Issue, Relevant Law, Application of Facts, Conclusion). We us the analysis methodology of IRAC to examine court cases that best exemplify the pernicious effects of the affirmation of corporate rights and the right to unlimited political spending. We expand the Conclusion portion of IRAC to focus on the legal Transformation generated by the ruling and the resulting Effect on real people. The result is the encapsulation of representative court cases in a format that we call IRATE. The IRATE analyses that follow are presented in concise, one-page formats. The abstract analysis presented for each case is augments with a Story. This Story paragraph is meant to humanize the Effect of the ruling, depicting a specific experience either of a real person or of an archetypal person caused by the ruling. We hope to use IRATE one-page summaries as tools to make the harmful effects of years of court rulings real and understandable, with a goal of raising the ire of mainstream America. The IRATE analyses that follow are preliminary, and have not been completely vetted for absolute accuracy and validity. They are presented as examples and are meant to create a foundation for a robust set of tools to raise awareness and generate broad mainstream support for our 28th amendment.

Examples of Supreme Court cases Hurting Human Rights


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