Building a Multi-Racial Democracy Movement

George Friday from Move to Amend and Cheri Honkala from the Poor People’s Economic and Human Rights Campaign were the main presenters at this Democracy Convention workshop

Major points:

– Diversity is as much about tactics as it is about acceptance, compassion and justice, since the truth is we will never, ever build the movement we need unless we reach out.

– Diversity just doesn’t happen, but has to be intentional and deliberate. It takes time, risk and reality that it will at first be uncomfortable.

– To connect with others different than yourself, you have to build trust first. Intentionality. Go to their meeting. You will be tested. Don’t expect the community you are engaging with to validate your presence – you need your own support group.

– It’s important that people need to know they are being backed up and supported.

– Those of us who are white and benefit from white supremacy didn’t choose it or chose to benefit from this system.

– We need to intentionally and consistently be consciousness about how white supremacy affects us and to ask these questions: If person of color, women, disabled: How has the chronic “ism” affected my ability to be fully actualized? If white person: How has the presence created obstacles for me to make meaningful connections with others unlike me?

– This work is for the rest of your life. However we need to take time to feed your soul.


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