Flush the TPP [Trans Pacific Partnership]

Flush the TPP [Trans Pacific Partnership]

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, the major conveners of this workshop at the Democracy Convention, had to say this about the TPP:

“The TPP will fundamentally change the global economy in a way that further entrenches global corporate power and gives multinational corporations the power to challenge national environmental, labor and consumer protection laws in a rigged court system. The TPP will affect every aspect of our lives from wages to the environment to access to medicine and internet freedom. Rather that a trade treaty, the TPP is a corporate property protection act. A global campaign is underway to stop the TPP.”

TPP actually stands for Total Planetary Power or Terrible Plutocratic Plan. It has little to do with trade (be it free or fair) and a lot to do with privatization and deregulation. Only 4 of roughly 28 chapters of what is known about of the proposed agreement deals with trade.

Negotiations among 11 countries have been going on since 2010. Negotiations have been in secret to people but completely transparent to corporations — 600 corporations have representatives in the negotiations. Only 1 US Congressperson has seen any part of it – which could only happen if he couldn’t make any copies or even take any notes.

Most telling is the statement from former US trade representative Ron Kirk who admitted if the American public ever found out what was in it, they would oppose it.

“If ratified, the TPP would establish a system of international tribunals allowing corporations to challenge the laws, regulations and even court decisions of any member nation (including local, county and state laws) if they are deemed to adversely impact the corporation’s expected future profits.” (Source, TPP, Occucard #21)

TPP will not pass unless President Obama, who is strongly behind these negotiations, receives Fast Track authority. Congress would relinquish their Constitutional authority to the President is they approve Fast Track. They couldn’t make amendments, only vote straight up or down.

The latest round of TPP negotiations is August 22-30. Flush The TPP encourages everyone to make calls to their Congressperson every Tuesday on the TPP.

The US trade deficit is already 600 billion per year. US corporations producing abroad want to move their production from China to Vietnam (where the labor costs are 1/3rd). TPP allows this to happen.

The Flush the TPP link below has a great list of photos/images that can used for emails and social media mediums.

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