Summary of Constitutional Reform Conference

The Democracy Convention, which ended today, was composed on nine separate Conferences – each with their own Workshops. Some had their own Plenaries. Many Workshops were sponsored by more than one Conference and major Plenaries had representatives from multiple Conferences.

At the concluding Plenary today, each Conference had three minutes to share 3-5 major points or themes which arose during the four days.

I was asked to present the summary at the Plenary for the Constitutional Reform Conference.

1.     The current social, political and economic systems are racist, sexist, and classist.

2.     The US Constitution is the “supreme law of the land,” and supports and protects the racist, sexist, and classist system.  So we need a new Constitutional framework to move us towards liberation, peace, justice, ecology and democracy

3.     An over-arching question– do we need an entirely new Constitution or a series of Amendments?

4.     We must create racially and ethnically diverse processes and gatherings across the country that represent various sectors of society to help connect forces in motion to participate in demanding this new society and new legal framework.

5.     We must create a social movement that is broad, deep, educated, militant and nonviolent that commits itself to independent political action.

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