Legitimacy of Passing City Council ResolutionsŠ and Citizen Initiatives

Legitimacy of Passing City Council ResolutionsŠ and Citizen Initiatives

Why it’s perfectly legitimate for citizens to advocate for city council resolutions (as well as organize citizen initiative campaigns) to address national issues. Let’s keep those council resolutions and citizen initiatives calling for an end to corporate personhood and money as speech coming!


“City councilors and members of boards of supervisors take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States. Cities and towns routinely send petitions to Congress for all kinds of requests. This is allowed under Clause 3, Rule XII, Section 819, of the Rules of the House of Representatives. This clause is routinely used to accept petitions from cities, and memorials from states. The same is established in the Jefferson Manual, the rulebook for the House originally written by Thomas Jefferson for the Senate. In 1967, a court in California ruled (Farley v. Healey, 67 Cal.2d 325) that ‘one of the purposes of local government is to represent its citizens before the Congress, the Legislature, and administrative agencies in matters over which the local government has no power. Even in matters of foreign policy it is not uncommon for local legislative bodies to make their positions known.’

All Drone Politics Is Local
From http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2013/11/drone-politics-local.html

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