NO CUTS to Food Stamps and Unemployment Insurance
ORGANIZE for Justice 

Proposed federal Food Stamp cuts and ending the extension of unemployment insurance are the latest assaults on the poor and working class – part of a growing attack by the 1% on the 99% to cut essential funding and prevent wage increases in the name of “austerity” for the purpose of “reducing the national debt.” In reality, these are political and media-echoed diversions and distractions to maintain low tax rates for the 1%, loopholes and subsidies for major corporations, and unending military spending.

Big Agricultural and crop insurance corporations are protected in the federal Farm Bill, but not 47 million who already receive inadequate amounts of Food Stamps. The choice is not between family farmers vs food stamp recipients but rather helping the poor and low income workers on food stamps vs throwing money at agricultural and crop insurance corporations.

Ending the extension of unemployment insurance will impact 5 million jobless workers – people who in our rough economy haven’t been able to find work, but nevertheless will be punished by receiving less funds for basic needs.

Food Stamps and Unemployment Insurance are not the reasons for the growing national debt.

Recipients of food stamps and unemployment insurance immediately spend their benefits. This helps:
– Maintain their own health (thus avoiding added costs to the health care system)
– Improve education (hungry children don’t learn as well in school) and
– Stimulate our economy (a dollar in SNAP/Food Stamp spending yields about $1.70 in economic activity, one of the highest multiplier effects of any government program).

The lies, myths and stereotypes about food stamps and unemployment insurance created and perpetuated by the corporate media must end. We must tell the truth.

Austerity must be countered by prosperity. There are sufficient resources to feed and care for everyone, to supply everyone with a job. We have less a money problem than a priorities problem.

It’s up to the 99% to educate, advocate and organize for justice. Movements against austerity are growing globally. We can’t rely on politicians,  corporate CEOs or media exposes to bring justice and fairness. We must build diverse, independent and democratic grassroots labor-community movements for prosperity, not austerity.

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