Interrupting the Supreme Court

A courageous person interrupted deliberations inside the US Supreme Court this week. Before an audience of over 300 persons…and of course…the 9 Robed Ones…Noah Newkirk stood up at the back of the courtroom and began to speak loudly. His message: “Corporations are not people, money is not speech. Overturn Citizens United!”

Newkirk’s interruption was the first in eight years and just the second in two decades. Stunningly, his action was caught on video (below).

The January 21, 2010 Citizens United vs FEC deserves outrage. The decision has sparked widespread education, advocacy and organizaing — including the national Move to Amend campaign.

Newkirk was bold and passionate in his action. One point, however, needs to stated clearly and repeated frequently:  overturning Citizens United will NOT overturn corporations being regarded constitutionally as people and money as speech in its many forms.

Citizens United was merely the latest in a long line of cases decided by the Supremes over the past century. Overturning Citizens United will simply take us back to the the politics and government of January 20 2010 (the day before the decision) — you know, the one that bailed out banking corporations with our tax dollars and let the banksters off the hook following the 2008 financial implosion, permitted BP corporation to write the regulations for oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico which led to the explosion and subsequent ecological disaster, gave the green light to agricultural corporations to permit poisons to our food, allowed insurance corporations to gut any real “Medicare for All” healh care system. etc…

Reversing Citizens United alone would feel good. But it will fundamentally change nothing.

Move to Amend’s We the People Amendment to the US Constitution is the solution — which would abolish all never intended inalienable constitutional rights for corporations and the constitutional doctrine that political money equals political speech.


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