Political Inequality More Serious than Economic Inequality


That’s the core message from this article, http://www.theautomaticearth.com/wealth-inequality-is-not-a-problem-its-a-symptom/

“[I]t’s not wealth that floats and concentrates increasingly from the bottom to the top, it’s power. Wealth comes after that. And one shouldn’t confuse that order. Because power buys wealth infinitely faster than wealth buys power.”


Concentration of political power permits those with that power to establish laws, statutes, regulations, even constitutions, that insulates them, widens their political power and rights and expands their income and wealth.

Working to reduce income inequality or wealth inequality is, therefore, futile unless it addresses the gap between the political power haves and have nots — political inequality.

Corporate constitutional rights is one form of extreme political inequality and profoundly contributes to widening economic inequality. The ability of corporations to spend virtually unlimited sums of money lobbying elected officials and regulators, as well as influencing elections via advertising skews public policy in their favor — which includes enormous economic privileges.

It’s why centralizing leveling the political playing field by abolishing corporate constitutional rights (corporate “personhood”), as well as political money defined as political speech, is to vital to not only political equality, but economic equality.

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