MONETARY HISTORY CALENDAR Special Edition for December 21


The Mayans didn’t believe the end of their 5125 year calendar marked the end of the world, but rather the end of an old order. In its place would be people with a higher degree of awareness and consciousness.

Part of any such awareness and consciousness will surely include enlightenment and eventual replacement of unsustainable national monetary schemes of privatized/corporatized money creation with ones that are public and serve the interest of all, not simply the super wealthy or financial interests.

The darkest night of the year. For the next 6 months, the days (light) become longer.

This is a fine time to dedicate oneself to shedding greater light on monetary policy. A truly dark and invisible issue, monetary policy as this calendar has tried to demonstrate this entire year is essential to understanding and promoting justice, peace and democracy.

We have allowed private (corporate) interests to usurp our power to issue our own money to meet our needs and serve the common good. We’ve ignored monetary policy — believing it too complicated to understand, not connected to the issues we care about, and/or promoted by wild and unstable individuals. We, thus, focus instead on budget policies or tax policies as our only available public tools. We’ve also ignored history — those people and groups in our nation and around the world in the past and present who’ve seen the light, become aware and tried to act against the Money Power (which today are banking corporations and those they influence in government, academia and the media) to (re)assert real authority over creating and circulating money.

Money is the ultimate paradox — so involved in almost every aspect of our lives yet virtually completely unknown on how and for whom it’s created and circulated.

It’s time to shed light on money.

Happy Solstice!

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