Response to U.S. Sabre-Rattling against Russia OpEd

My response to the linked below OpEd in yesterday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer


The greatest threat to peace in Europe isn’t Russia, it’s pro-war maniacs in the U.S. administration and the Pentagon.

George Friedman, the founder of the ‘private CIA’ firm Stratfor, said last year that the overthrow of Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev in February 2014 had been “the most blatant coup in history.”

The coup was orchestrated by the U.S. when U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Asian Affairs, Victoria Nuland instructed the U.S. Ambassador in Kiev to get “Yats” ( Arseniy Yatsenyuk ) appointed as the junta’s honcho. That’s exactly what happened two weeks later.

The neo-Nazis now running Ukraine, backed by the the U.S. and our tax dollars, invaded Donbass, killing thousands.

The U.S. desperately wants to create and maintain chaos in Ukraine for multiple reasons:
– to ensure that Russia doesn’t move closer economically to Europe
– to justify continuing to build overpriced and cold-war obsolete weapons that enrich military contractors
– to maintain fear in general, which serves to justify slashing civil liberties
– to distract attention from a crumbling domestic economy
– to force Europe to move closer to the US — which includes forcing it to support the super-secret Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) anti-democratic mis-named “trade” agreement.

Ditch the corporate press for learning what’s going in Ukraine. Like the buildup to the war in Iraq, they are mostly mouthpieces to the power elite who are doing their darkest to foment fear and not present the complete picture.

Sadly, this op-ed is part of that narrative.

While NATO sleeps, Putin has his way: Ronald E. Powaski (Opinion)


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