Keep power with the people


Letter to the Editor / Akron Beacon Journal
October 28, 2015

It was enthusiastically supported as an “anti-monopoly” constitutional amendment by many of the same legislators and interests who sat on their hands when the casino monopoly initiative earlier appeared on the ballot.

It was fast-tracked through the Ohio legislature with little time for debate.

It provides no definitions of key terms — such as “monopoly,” “commerce,” “commercial interest” and numerous others.

It would provide monopoly power to the Ohio Ballot Board to interpret the above non-defined terms to determine whether a circulated citizen initiative would create a “monopoly.”

It would insulate wealthy and corporate interests from citizen-initiated measures supporting state tax and commercial laws favoring the non-wealthy and small or cooperative businesses that may better protect people and communities.

It would weaken citizen initiatives, whereby citizens gather signatures to place a law directly on the ballot for voter consideration, one of our few remaining tools for direct democracy.

When a few with significant political power in any society call for weakening citizens’ power, we must resist.

Vote no on state Issue 2.

Greg Coleridge
Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee
Cuyahoga Falls


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