Every Polluter’s Advocate


The record of Every Polluters Advocate (EPA) regarding the Industrial Excess Landfill (IEL) in Uniontown, Ohio has been for several decades pathetic at best. Their approach has been “dilution is the solution” remediation and “what you don’t test for you won’t find.” Several of the test wells that were considered “hot” were simply not tested.

We (Northeast Ohio AFSC) filed several Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests over several years. We received numerous receipts from the Department of the Army indicating dumping. This confirmed sitings by area residents who witnessed Army trucks bearing radioactive markings letting themselves in and out of the site over a period of time. We also received in the IEL file if I recall a document from the Mound nuclear weapons production site in southern Ohio indicating they transported material to the site. No doubt the haul was something like grass clippings and/or apple peelings.

Several area people, in fact, have died from cancers associated with radiation. A nurse at one time went house to house in the area and found an astoundingly high percentage of radiation related health concerns. Mere coincidence no doubt.

Chris Borello refuses to literally and figuratively bury IEL. Kudos to her.

Coverup and denial have been the major responses.

Harper points out an often forgotten reality. The site sits on a ridge with whatever dumped there flowing in many directions. Thus, the grass clippings, apple peelings and other supposedly too safe to worry about in the long term trash will be shared far and wide.

The EPA at the highest level has been hijacked by the corporate polluters and military. Sad fact…and reality…of many, if not most, of our regulatory agencies — they regulate/confine grassroots concerns/activism and shield those responsible for irresponsible actions.

Uniontown landfill Superfund site includes industrial, radioactive waste: Toxic remains


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