People’s Justice & Peace Convention in Cleveland, July 15-17

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Join us for the People’s Justice & Peace Convention

July 15-16, Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, 8712 Quincy Ave., Cleveland
July 17, Masonic Auditorium, 3615 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

Open to the public. Free (donations accepted). Registration required.
Register online at—contact-us.html
Detailed information at

Current public policies disproportionately benefit corporations and the wealthiest individuals and promote and expand U.S. militarism, while the concerns of the vast majority of people are ignored, distorted and/or manipulated for political and/or economic gain. The People’s Convention will include a diversity of voices and experiences, transcending any one political party or perspective. Its purpose is to lift up issues and problems that the Republican National Convention (RNC) will not authentically address and to develop collectively agreed-to solutions, a “People’s Justice & Peace Platform,” that will achieve just, nonviolent, democratic and sustainable results.

Speakers • Workshops • Edutainment • Participatory development of “People’s Justice & Peace Platform” to be presented to both the RNC and Democratic National Convention (DNC)

• Michael Eric Dyson, Academic, Author, Radio Host and Professor
• Connie Burton, Poor People’s Advocate
• Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Hip Hop Caucus President and CEO
• Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink

Workshops and Plank development in 5 areas:
• Racial and Social justice
• Economic Justice
• Environmental justice
• Political justice
• International justice

Also: Saturday afternoon educational workshops and continuous showing of “The Fixers,” a collaborative film series about democratic process, public policy and who tells Cleveland’s story during the 2016 RNC.


Black-on-Black Crime, CAIR-Cleveland, The Carl Stokes Brigade, Cleveland Human & Civil Rights Coalition, Cleveland Nonviolence Network, Cleveland Peace Action, InterReligious Task Force on Central America, NE Ohio American Friends Service Committee, Northeast Ohio Industrial Workers of the World, Organize Ohio, Peace In The Hood, Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future (FaCT), NE Ohio Sierra Club and others…

Register online at—contact-us.html
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