Election Results


The big winner in the election was the rigged political and economic system that rewards and empowers the rich and corporations and exploits, oppresses and disenfranchises people, especially the working class, the poor and people of color — not to mention is utterly destroying the planet. The solution for too many in search of change was a simple one — elect a single person (not even sweep out all political incumbents) who co-opted the language, but not the platform of populists of conscience rather than seek to mobilize and organize democratic and independent social movements that is the only way to challenge and change our unjust, violent and unsustainable political and economic system.

It’s appropriate to take time to reflect and love and acknowledge those we care about (be they family, friends, co-workers, etc.). For people of conscience, however, it’s unacceptable to accept or be distracted by harmful to people and the planet proposals that will come in shiny “little guy,” nativist or patriotic wrappings.

We must both resist, but also always promote and point out just, nonviolent, democratic and sustainable alternatives.


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