Thank you Darnella Frazier

Thank you Darnella Frazier.

You had the presence of mind and fearlessness to record every second of the murder of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin and his 3 accomplices

Your video made a mockery of the “official” police report that Floyd “physically resisted officers” and “appeared to be suffering medical distress” with zero mention of the actions of the murderers. Without your video, it’s virtually a guarantee that Chauvin would not have been convicted…with the trials of the other 3 later this summer.

Time and again, over and over, constantly and persistently, the last few years have demonstrated that when black and brown people have been brutalized by police officers where visual evidence exists, virtually 100% of the time the “official” police accounts prove to be fiction.

There’s virtually no internal accountability. It’s blind belief of police officers. It’s impossible to know how many people of color — thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands — have been violently treated by the police in our nation’s history with no accountability simply because it’s their word — and their fictional police reports — against the word of the victim(s).

Systemic racism and blind support in the dominant culture for “the police” must end.

Thank you Darnella Frazier for doing your part to expose this single incident, which blossomed worldwide actions for racial justice, accountability and systemic change, yet also represents what has been a very long and ugly truth.

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