Why Vote?

Some things we can control, others we can’t.

We can’t individually control the flood of dark money in elections and all the lies, distortions and negativity that it’s created. Nor the increasing number of pathetic – some dangerous – candidates running for political office. Nor the conscious efforts of voter suppression and gerrymandering. Nor who wins.

Some of this we have greater control over by being connected to organizations that are working to build power to create democratic, just, peaceful and planet-protective change – such as Move to Amend.

But we can individually vote. One vote rarely, rarely makes a difference. But such logic, extrapolated, is exactly what those promoted autocracy want us to believe. And of course voting only goes so far – often, but certainly not always, the best choice being not very good. But it’s still a choice worth making – however large or small of a difference it makes – so long as we understand one basic principle: voting is important but is only one part of our responsibility as an individual living in society. Our larger responsibility is between elections to flex our democratic muscles both individually and collectively to educate, advocate and organize for real democracy (for the very first time by the way) that goes beyond changing faces, rules and regulations to include structural change, which in our society must include constitutional change to ensure that We the People include All the People.

So vote today – but commit to become more of a change-maker tomorrow and beyond. Onward!


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