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Corporate Hijacking of the U.S. Constitution


Move to Amend recently issued a series of written documents detailing the many constitutional rights awarded to corporations by the Supreme Court. The series, Corporate Hijacking of the U.S. Constitution , includes a four-page summary of many corporate constitutional rights. It’s followed by seven separate two-page douments describing the “corporate hijacking” of individual constitutional amendments and portions of the original U.S. Constitution.

What follows is an abridged version of each of the seven documents.

As stated in the introduction:

Many believe corporate hijacking of the constitution begins and ends with money in elections (i.e. First Amendment ‘free speech’ rights permitting corporations to spend money to influence elections). But the threat to people, communities, the environment and democracy itself is much greater and includes additional parts of the First Amendment, as well as other amendments of our constitution.

Ending corporate constitutional rights is more than simply reversing the 2010 Citizens United vs FEC Supreme Court decision and more than simply ending political money defined as First Amendment-protected ‘free speech.’

The entire series is at

Understanding the totality of corporate constitutional rights (better known as “corporate personhood”) is critical. Corporations did not originally possess constitutional rights in this country.

Several legislative and amendment alternatives to Move to Amend’s “We the People Amendment, HJR48 ( reference corporate constitutional rights, but only focus on the Citizens United Supreme Court decision or only address corporate political money in elections. These alternatives provide a gaping hole for the power elite by simply using their remaining constitutional rights to assert control over people and communities and to further plunder the planet — as they once did prior to winning corporate political free speech rights.

Reversing Citizens United isn’t enough. Simply ending corporate political free speech rights isn’t enough. We must abolish all forms of corporate personhood if we expect as self-governing people to assert our authority to protect ourselves, families, communities and what remains of a livable world…not to mention creating a political system for the very first time where We the People include All the People.

-Greg Coleridge. Member of the POCLAD Collective
and Move to Amend Outreach Director


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Holding Exxon Corporation Accountable

Exxon Corporation leaders knew for decades that burning their “product” destroyed the earth’s climate. They said nothing to their shareholders. Worse, they said nothing to the public. Check that. Not true. Just the opposite. The corpse was among the most vocal deniers that burning fossil fuels caused the rising of temperatures for decades. If we believe punishment should fit the crime, then what should be their punishment? How about a fine, which is standard practice? The corpse after the Exxon Valdez disaster wrote off $900 million as a business expense. That show’d them how tough we can get, right!? Constitutional “personhood” rights via hijacking several Constitutional Amendments intended for human beings alone shielded Exxon Corporation and gave it numerous anti-democratic weapons — as it does all business corporations — from being help publicly accountable. Nothing fundamentally will change unless we change — unless we work to abolish all corporate constitutional rights — and assert human rights and the right to a livable world over corporate/property rights.

REAL Democracy History Calendar: October 21 – 27


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