Reality Check

Reality check
Greg Coleridge

Our movement to abolish “corporate personhood” and “money as free speech” is difficult
Often frustrating
And frequently feels like we’re not making progress
Deemed as not relevant
Not immediate
Not urgent
Not newsworthy
Not to mention downright impossible

But take a moment
And a breath
Step back
Have perspective
Listen to your conscience
Put in context
Face reality

Our current problems, actually crises
As communities
As a nation
As a species
Become wider and deeper every day
With the pace speeding up like circling water as it nears the mouth of a drain
If we have the courage to truly acknowledge the signs that are all around us


Interconnected problems and crises that make us realize that
Electing better representatives, while important, isn’t enough
Passing better laws, while important, isn’t enough
Enacting better regulations, while important, isn’t enough

Afterall, elected representatives today can be unelected tomorrow
Passed laws today can be reversed tomorrow
Enacted regulations today can be unenacted tomorrow

Our responses must fully answer the questions
Our solutions must be in proportion to our crises, and
Our commitment to change must equal the scale of the energy of those creating injustice and reducing our power

What we envision must be part of the Constitution, where it becomes

Beyond the ability to easily change by simply
Removing good public officials
Reversing laws
Unenacting regulations

Our Eye on the Prize, despite all the barriers, must be constitutional change, after all history shows
What initially seems impossible becomes inevitable.
What once was a ceiling of possibility eventually becomes the floor of reality
What we can only now imagine becomes the obvious concrete step forward

If true, then answer this:
How many systematically altering ideas have been converted into actual policy proposals?
Have been introduced as legislation in Congress as an amendment to the United States Constitution?
Have attracted nearly 100 Congressional cosponsors?
Have over 700 national organizational endorsers?
Have over 700 communities (including 9 states) that have passed endorsing municipal resolutions and ballot initiatives?
Have nearly 500,000 individual supporters?
Have a skilled staff and board dedicated to movement building, diversity and inclusion?
Have a collectively/democratically run national organization with local groups and advocates that are politically and economically independent from the pressures by the power structure (government, political parties, big foundations, corporations, a handful of super rich individuals) to moderate, temper or water down what is ultimately needed?

The answer
Exactly. Precisely. None.

What Move to Amend is doing – you and us together – is Incredibly rare throughout history

We’re calling not to reform, but to transform our relationship between people and the institutions we’ve created
To make government accountable to us
To make all corporate entities subservient to us
To ensure that the ultimate right to decide is empowered to us

But it’s also fragile because of all the interrelated problems and crises
All the problems.
All the issues
Demanding immediate reaction
To say no
To stop the assaults and the harms
To people
To places
To the planet

But there’s an alternative to “No”
To simply opposing
It’s proposing
It’s promoting an alternative
It’s a “Yes”
To the We the People Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
For starters

A vision, call and plan that affirms that only a human being is a person with inalienable rights, not corporate entities.
And that political money in elections is not “free speech” which shall be democratically regulated

It’s definitive
It’s clear
It’s unequivocal
And a stepping stone to even further transformative change

It asserts that Congress “shall’ take action.
Not “may” as other amendments propose
Since “may” can also mean “possibly”
But can also be interpreted as “may not”
As in not here
Not there
Not now
Not ever

In the end, is it all worth it?
Worth organizing for systemic change, not just immediate relief?
Worth going on the offense and not always on the defense?
Worth not seeing immediate results vs sometimes seeing some immediate outcomes from taking immediate actions to address immediate problems?

It all depends
Not on politicians
Not on bureaucrats
Not on corporate executives
Not even on committed not profit “leaders”

But on us
That being you
Together with other yous
Who collectively at the grassroots have

And the courage to clearly see the current reality is incredibly dire for us all and all living beings if all that happens is less than transformational
Yet phenomenally encouraging if we become aware, have vision and take action for a new reality that’s in harmony within ourselves, with other human beings and all living things.

To create justice in all its forms
To ensure a livable world
To create real, authentic democracy where every single person has the dignity, respect, support and power they should have – for the very first time.

That’s more than Move to Amend’s immediate current strategy
But it’s grounded in our vision
It’s a basis for how we engage with our grassroots leaders and supporters, and
It’s a commitment when connecting with other organizations

Starting with affirming that human beings should have the power and right to determine their own collective future – of self-determination
Not limited by the so-called “rights” of corporate entities
Not trapped by the so-called “rights” of money

This is where we stand
To us, it’s all worth the time, energy and financial resources
As it has to so many like you in the past.
As we hope to you and so many more in the present and future.

Happy Winter Solstice!

This is a picture I took a few weeks ago at a Cleveland area Metro Park. It’s at the crest of a ridge overlooking a valley with these two trees at the very edge of that ridge – holding on by their roots to the earth and to each other for dear life. 

What spoke to me then and especially now on this day are those roots, which most often when it comes to trees and many other living things are often hidden. We don’t see how wide and deep they go, which in the case of trees, anchors everything above ground from wind and disease, digs and spreads for nourishment, supports other trees and prevents erosion – though you would never know it from looking at this picture.

Inevitably, erosion will overtake this couple. Nature acts according to her rules, but that root system will slow it down. 

Life and death go together. As does light and darkness. We tend to curse the darkness and celebrate the light – for good reason. But accepting the inevitability of death makes us appreciate life all the more. And accepting the reality of darkness makes us appreciate the light all the more. Both death and darkness provide the opportunity to pause, reflect, replenish, renew. It’s all an amazing paradox.

Being rooted, anchored and centered helps us both to stave off certain inevitabilities, especially when our roots – be they material, physical, mental, or emotional – are intertwined. We need our own individual roots to be deep and strong to become a more whole earthling, but we also need them to be intertwined with those of others – for many reasons:

  • to feel the bond that community provides 
  • to better accept what’s to come for all of us (not just the erosion of our own lives, but the  constant challenges to face and take on together – in our case the injustices in all their forms – including the erosion of authentic democracy, to the extent we’ve ever had it.
  • and to appreciate all the more what possibilities exist right here and right now each and every moment of every single day. As Thich Nhat Hanh, who passed away at the beginning of this year, said, “Because you are alive, everything is possible.” 

Happy Winter Solstice!

Why Vote?

Some things we can control, others we can’t.

We can’t individually control the flood of dark money in elections and all the lies, distortions and negativity that it’s created. Nor the increasing number of pathetic – some dangerous – candidates running for political office. Nor the conscious efforts of voter suppression and gerrymandering. Nor who wins.

Some of this we have greater control over by being connected to organizations that are working to build power to create democratic, just, peaceful and planet-protective change – such as Move to Amend.

But we can individually vote. One vote rarely, rarely makes a difference. But such logic, extrapolated, is exactly what those promoted autocracy want us to believe. And of course voting only goes so far – often, but certainly not always, the best choice being not very good. But it’s still a choice worth making – however large or small of a difference it makes – so long as we understand one basic principle: voting is important but is only one part of our responsibility as an individual living in society. Our larger responsibility is between elections to flex our democratic muscles both individually and collectively to educate, advocate and organize for real democracy (for the very first time by the way) that goes beyond changing faces, rules and regulations to include structural change, which in our society must include constitutional change to ensure that We the People include All the People.

So vote today – but commit to become more of a change-maker tomorrow and beyond. Onward!

Video: Dennis Kucinich on Pulling the Plug on FirstEnergy Corporation

August 23, 2022

Presentation by and discussion with Dennis Kucinich

Former Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio State Senator, U.S. Congressperson and Presidential Candidate

Author of The Division of Light and Power

Sponsored by Ohio Move to Amend


Background to the scandal and the call for dissolving the charter (license) of FirstEnergy Corporation

To reclaim Ohioans’ historical power, First Energy’s corporate charter should be revoked

March 2, 2022

First Energy dissolution? An historic opportunity to remove key player in corrupt political culture

April 1, 2022

Sam Randazzo, ex-FirstEnergy executives added as defendants in Ohio AG’s House Bill 6 lawsuit

August 5, 2022

Federal prosecutor asks Ohio utilities commission to freeze investigations into House Bill 6 scandal

August 17, 2022

Nothing new? Records show startling new info on DeWine, Husted roles in Ohio bailout scandal

August 18, 2022

FirstEnergy official: Larry Householder, Sam Randazzo, ex-company executives conspired to break federal law

August 25, 2022

US Constitution: “Pull the Curtain” and Expose the Truth to Dispel the Make-Believe

Aug 29, 2022 Zoom presentation with Greg Coleridge, co-author of the 2007 article, “The U.S. Constitution: Pull the Curtain”. We have been programmed to believe that our Constitution was and is designed to grant equal rights and protections to all but that is not the truth.In the powerful 2007 article, “The U.S. Constitution: Pull the Curtain”, Greg Coleridge and Virginia Rasmussen reveal the many examples within the constitution which blow up our beliefs that this sacred document represents “We the People”.

It is time to “Pull the Curtain” on the US Constitution and dispel the make believe, uncover the deceptions, learn the truth and take actions toward Justice for ALL.

For more information about the article: https://www.nationalcommunityrightsne…

NCRN: https://www.nationalcommunityrightsne…

NCRN Facebook:

Jerk the corporate charter of First Energy?…/article_bee88f92-221b…

In the Aug. 11 edition of The Messenger, Fromal and others urge the Ohio Attorney General to pursue a “Quo Warranto” action to do just that. Maybe that would be a good thing. Maybe it is the only appropriate response to the egregiously illegal activity of First Energy – the biggest bribery event in Ohio history.

Corporations are chartered by the state to serve the public good. Corporate criminal behavior is not changed by levying fines. For a large corporation, it is just another business expense. A bigger stick is needed. Corporations intentionally breaking the law should not simply be fined; their charters must be revoked. Otherwise, the public has no protection against being pickpocketed by corporations, especially utilities like First Energy.

As Greg Coleridge noted in the March 2 Oho Capital Journal, and documented extensively in Citizens Over Corporations (, it was once common in Ohio for the state to revoke charters of corporations acting illegally. Quo warranto proceedings were

used routinely as a tool by Ohio legislatures and courts to affirm the sovereign power of We the People over corporations, which are, in fact, creations of government. Charter revocation follows a strong historical precedent already set in our state. It is not resorting to a radical act. The truly radical act is a rogue corporation bribing public officials to get the public to cover their losses. Charter revocation is perhaps the only way to protect Ohio taxpayers and democracy in Ohio from corporate dominance through corporate corruption. It will serve as a deterrent to others from extorting wealth from Ohioans through illegal activity intended to manipulate government officials, corrupting our democratic republic.

There are other private business corporations as well as public cooperatives which can provide electricity for Ohioans. FirstEnergy has forfeited its public privilege to continue. It is time for public officials to demand that the Ohio Attorney General initiate a Quo Warranto case against First Energy.

John Howell, Athens

Greg Coleridge: Cultivating Peace with Justice in a Militarized World

May 20, 2022 Veteran activist Greg Coleridge speaks at Cleveland Peace Action’s 2022 Annual Meeting, on the challenges and opportunities for change in an interconnected world. A lively Q&A follows Greg’s talk, including ideas on Inspiring and sustaining our activist energies.

The Depth of Change


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Selected articles, columns, editorials, letters, sermons, poems, talks and testimonies over four decades on economic, environmental and social justice; democracy; foreign policy/peace/nonviolence and systemic change/movements. Their analysis and calls to action are as timely today as ever.

Greg Coleridge is Co-Director of the national Move to Amend coalition, which works to enact a Constitutional Amendment to abolish corporate constitutional rights (“corporate personhood” for short) and political money defined as First Amendment-protected “free speech.” He previously worked for more than three decades for the Midwest Region of the American Friends Service Committee in Ohio where he educated, advocated and organized with diverse individuals and organizations at the local, state and national levels employing a range of strategies and tactics on issues of peace/anti-war, nonviolence, international trade, economic conversion, local and federal budget priorities, monetary reform, housing, privatization/corporatization of public services, hunger, jobs, poverty, local currencies, alternative media, toxic/radioactive pollution, campaign finance reform and corporate power/rule/rights.

301 pages. $14.95

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Table of Contents



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