Three-quarters in US say they lack influence


It’s been getting worse and won’t ever change until we change (e.g. enlargen) our strategy and vision from feel-good nickel and dime “reforms” to structural cultural and constitutional changes — including abolishing corporate constitutional rights and the doctrine that money is protected free speech. @MovetoAmend

How privatization could spell the end of democracy

Those who’ve battled against corporatization (“privatization” is too sanitized) know this. The threat just isn’t economic, but political — the inability to the right to decide. This results inevitably in unaccountable, irresponsible and reckless actions benefiting the few (corporations and their investors) at the expense of the many. Public assets should be public. Period.


Democracy Convention 2017


Now, more than ever, we must focus on building the movement, institutions, culture we want and deserve so that We The People have the power to decide our  future together. The Democracy Convention brings forward vital work on voting rights and accountable government, democratizing global governance, building a democratic peace, media democracy, democratizing education, ecological democracy, democratizing the Constitution, and economic democracy. We bring these these separate democracy struggles together in order to unite them in a common, deeply rooted, broad based, movement for democracy.

I invite you to the 2017 Democracy Convention – where democracy activists, organizers, and community members from across the country will converge to hold multiple conferences under one roof! To be a part of this moment in the movement, visit to register!

Cleveland citizens decry impact of Citizens United case at first Democracy Day hearing


Hearing prompts calls to curb corporate campaign influence

By Robert Higgs,

Progressive populism


The debate over the nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the US Supreme Court has increased the opportunity for the rise of a more progressive populism promoting justice, peace and real self-determination/democracy. It’s a very positive development for those who’ve been in an uphill struggle for years, if not decades, to shed light on the growing political influence of the super wealthy and corporations. It marks yet another turning point in the growing awareness that our government has been increasingly hijacked by corporate interests and the super rich. It also has expanded growing public awareness that the problem extends beyond a certain politician, political party, law or regulation. The fundamental problem is the governing rules thanks to activist Supreme Court decisions anointing corporations greater never-intended constitutional rights and equating money as free speech.

Liberation from past oppressions of women and people of color have occurred when social movements have formed to force constitutional changes. Overcoming the political oppression that literally the 99% face today will only happen if we follow the same recipe — the formation of a broad based, multiracial, intergeneration and transpartisan movement to force constitutional change via an amendment abolishing corporate personhood and money as speech.

It’s not easy. Past movements weren’t either. Yet they ultimately prevailed. So shall we.

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Democrats use Trump’s populism against him in fight over Gorsuch nomination
USA TODAY  |  April 5, 2017