Legalized price gouging

It’s bad enough we have a system of legalized bribery (huge political “donations” — more like investments from the super wealthy and corporations) in this country backed up by the courts (led by the Supremes), but this decision affirms legalized price gouging of consumers. Nice going Ohio Supreme Court in giving the A-OK to First Energy Corporation — responsible for the 20013 Northeast United States blackout — for overcharging ratepayers for the purchase of electricity generated by renewable technologies. And from where did some of First Energy Corporation’s overly expensive (which were passed on to consumers) electricity purchases come from? Why, of course, from one of its own affiliates — First Energy Solutions corporation. It’s all legal of course — legitimized now by the Ohio Supreme Court.


With Democracy So Sick, Medicare for All Will Be Uphill Battle

Published on Friday, September 15, 2017 by Common Dreams
Why a massive social movement will be required to humanize and democratize our health care system
by Greg Coleridge

healthcare_4“Both the Affordable Care Act/”Obamacare” and various Republican Congressional proposals are all private, corporate-dominated systems that enrich all parts of the medical industrial complex – from hospitals, to drug corporations to insurance corporations.” (Photo: Joe Brusky/Flickr/cc)

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POCLAD at the Democracy Convention


by Greg Coleridge and David Cobb


Oppression Eclipses Democracy


Just as the moon blocks out the sun during a total eclipse, oppression blocks out authentic democracy.

Racism, misogyny, homophobia, ableism and other forms of institutional and cultural oppression have been used throughout US history to impede self-expression, self-identification and many other forms of self-determination. Common strategies by oppressors have been to pit oppressed groups against one another (e.g. divide and conquer), blame the victim(s), and/or cooptation.

Oppression is social, economic and political. It’s taken the form in the past of slavery sanctioned by the Constitution, attempted genocide of native peoples by the U.S. government, lynchings, systemic rape, broken treaty promises, beatings, arrests “for being black,” voter suppression, internments, income disparity, deportations, media distortions, lack of physical access, and housing, education and employment discrimination. Too many of these still exist.

Authentic self-determination, individually or collectively, is difficult to achieve when these and any other form of oppression originate by individuals. It’s impossible when societal structures and institutions overtly or covertly initiative and defend them, which legitimize if not legalize individual oppressive acts.

Efforts to create real democracy must face oppression head on. Unlike natural eclipses that are beyond out control, oppression that eclipses democracy is human-created. Oppression is not inevitable or irreversible. It’s not “God’s will.” Oppression must be resisted and replaced by structures and actions that create justice and peace.

While appropriate reactions to natural eclipses should be to safely watch with wonder and awe, passive spectating to human oppression is not an option. Being active change-agents, done best with others in social movements seeking and end to oppression and the creation of real self-determination (for the very first time) is the only responsible response.

How Judicial Review & Life Time Appointments Make the Supreme Court a Democratic Threat



Workshop at Democracy Convention  |  Saturday, August 5, Minneapolis, MN
David Cobb and Greg Coleridge
Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy Principals





Three-quarters in US say they lack influence


It’s been getting worse and won’t ever change until we change (e.g. enlargen) our strategy and vision from feel-good nickel and dime “reforms” to structural cultural and constitutional changes — including abolishing corporate constitutional rights and the doctrine that money is protected free speech. @MovetoAmend