As the opioid epidemic rages, the fight against addiction moves to an Ohio courtroom


“We brought suit because we recognized that the companies had to both be held accountable for their long-term marketing practices that really created this market and fostered a misleading attitude toward these drugs as a pain management,”
Yet another example of out of control corporations that place profits over people and communities.

This mammoth historic case is being heard in federal court in Cleveland.

As an aside, Judge Dan Polster threw out several provisions of the campaign finance reform citizen initiative passed by voters in every single precinct except four in the City of Akron in 1998 that AFSC helped lead with the Akron Catholic Commission. Polster was unsympathetic to our efforts to reign in legalized bribery, including political donations/investment from outside sources.

As the opioid epidemic rages, the fight against addiction moves to an Ohio courtroom


Seizing on Opioid Crisis, a Drug Maker Lobbies Hard for Its Product

This has it all: a corporation in Ohio exploiting the opiod crisis by pushing a suspect drug on treatment providers, judges, politicians (including our very own Senator Rob Portman who received $29,000 in cash from the drug corporation) and even those in jail and prison with free samples. A political system and society hooked on corporate constitutional rights and money defined as free speech will never be a real and clean democracy.