Stand up and fight for Ohio on tax bill, Sen. Portman: PD editorial

An already horrific tax bill for the working class and those who rely on federal subsidies for medical insurance may get even worse if Sen. Portman and his Republican buddies have their way and reduce the number of years individual tax reductions will last — to pay for more taxes for businesses. Of course, taxes for corporations plummet under this bill and the estate tax, benefiting the super wealthy, would also be drastically reduced in the Senate version (with the first $22 million exempted) and abolished altogether in the House version. Call Portman office today and share your views. 216-522-7095

NEO AFSC January 29, 2016 Podcast

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We summarize last week’s activities; share upcoming events for next week; and provide an update on the attack on Ohio’s unemployment compensation system (and the need to take action), the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (and the need to take action), why John Kasich should join the growing movement to end corporate personhood and money as speech, and what looks like the start of the next decline of the economy…and what you can do. (Length 31:27)

Pope Heats Up Climate Change Debate


Pope Francis’ 180-page Papal Encyclical on climate change was released last week. While it certainly addresses the environmental peril we face, it’s not simply an environmental document, but a moral one in declaring a moral imperative to act to aggressively counter climate changes’ root causes – which are inequality and injustices against people in general but the poor in particular to benefit the super rich. Yet this historic treatise invites conversation and consideration of two larger and interrelated issues: capitalism and perpetual growth.

On capitalism, his conclusions are clear: it’s threatening the survival of human civilization, is destroying nonrenewable resources for personal gain, has lost its ethical code, has no moral compass, worships the golden calf of a money god, has no respect for Earth’s natural environment, and is killing our planet, our civilization and the people.

Perpetual economic growth, the basis of economic systems of every nation, however, is ignorant and impossible – economically, mathematically and physically. Perpetual growth is the alternative to greater economic equality. It’s destroying our planet. It’s time for a new global economic and environmental narrative – away from more is better to one that proclaims enough is best – away from wants which are insatiable to needs which are basic and finite.

Of course, the climate change Encyclical will be resisted by flat earther climate deniers, the fossil fuel industry and those in government, think tanks, media, academia and religion that are influenced by the fossil fuel industry. To the degree that the message indicts capitalism directly, resistance will expand.

This is a revolutionary moment, an extraordinary time. Old paradigms about how we should live, what “progress” means, what constitutes “the good life,” what being good “stewards” is all about, how to promote justice, what kind of economy we should have, and much more are on the cusp of being brought out into the light for all to reexamine. Great effort will be made to repress any such reflections and rethinks, discussions and debates.

It’s up to us to take advantage of this gift – an opportunity to connect our morals with our actions; to link social, economic, political and environmental problems and solutions; and to explore ways to not just resist and challenge existing structures but to create sustainable and just alternatives.

May we be up to the challenge and take full advantage of this opportunity.

NEO AFSC May 30, 2014 Podcast


We summarize last week’s activities; announce upcoming events for next week; and comment on the sinking US economy, the world’s richest people meeting on economic inequality, how corporations have more rights than people, an IMF economist on banks creating money out of nothing, corporate media concentration, the perils of perpetual economic growth, and the legislative “freeze” of renewable energy by the Ohio legislature.