To make it to the 4th second

Powerful. To make it to the 4th second and beyond requires changing ourselves (values, attitudes, behaviors) AND societal institutions (including mega corporations which are designed to maximize profits regardless of the impact to people and the planet). It’s more than planting or saving trees. It’s planting the seeds to be more compassionate toward all other living creatures and to create an authentic democracy movement that will create institutions to truly serve and sustain. p.s. Wish the title would have been “human” instead of “man.”





It’s Up To Us To End The Corporate Monarchy


The fascination of the 29 million people in the United States who watched the British Royal Wedding over the weekend transcended the pageantry of the event and star power of the celebrity guests. In part, the interest was also due to trying to understand the current role of the monarchy in British society.

British Kings and Queens no longer possess unlimited authority. Dictating and defining virtually every action within the far-reaching British Empire is history —  British royalty today are mere figureheads, soap opera-like curiosities to many to distract attention from the day-to-day problems of life.

While people in the US are no longer “subjects” to British Kings and Queens following the colonial revolution, it would be a mistake to conclude We the People have authentically assumed ultimate or “sovereign” power to self-rule.

It’s never been true and much less true today as corporations, which at one time possessed only those powers and privileges granted by We the People through corporate charters, have fought in the courts to win constitutional rights.

Corporations increasingly act like monarchs.

These never-intended rights have allowed corporations to capture our government and elected officials. The continual and far-reaching wedding of corporations and politicians takes many forms — most of which don’t make television and aren’t of the feel-good, Camelot variety. Their nuptial offspring have been laws that harm people, communities and the planet — adversely affecting health care, education, jobs, housing, trade, budgets, food, transportation, energy, the environment, taxes, finance, and more.

If We the People are to be real rulers, then we have to end corporate rule.

Move to Amend is the only organization that not only takes on the undemocratic, unjust and unsustainable role of corporate personhood, we do something about it — specifically working for a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate constitutional rights.

That’s what our We the People Amendment with its 56 co-sponsors in the House of Represenatives, and hundreds of nationwide resolutions and ballot initiatives, and hundreds of other organizational endorsements are all about.

We seek to end corporate monarchy.

To be legitimately politically independent beyond the reach of corporations, government or big foundations, Move to Amend must be economically independent. We must rely for the vast majority of our funding from people like you — dedicated to ending corporate rule and creating authentic democracy. 

Support Move to Amend. We are still $80,000 short, and we need everyone to pitch in — now! Even better than a one time donation is a pledge to invest in the movement to amend by making your donation monthly.

Royal weddings may be fascinating. But it will take many more than the 100,000 people in the streets who gawked at the royal union to royally volunteer your time, energy and resources to divorce corporations from government and governance.

That’s a disunion worth not only watching, but being a part of! Join us!

Thank you,
Greg Coleridge
Outreach Director, Move to Amend

Legalized price gouging

It’s bad enough we have a system of legalized bribery (huge political “donations” — more like investments from the super wealthy and corporations) in this country backed up by the courts (led by the Supremes), but this decision affirms legalized price gouging of consumers. Nice going Ohio Supreme Court in giving the A-OK to First Energy Corporation — responsible for the 20013 Northeast United States blackout — for overcharging ratepayers for the purchase of electricity generated by renewable technologies. And from where did some of First Energy Corporation’s overly expensive (which were passed on to consumers) electricity purchases come from? Why, of course, from one of its own affiliates — First Energy Solutions corporation. It’s all legal of course — legitimized now by the Ohio Supreme Court.

The Deep Industry Ties of Trump’s Deregulation Teams

More capturing of government by corporate interests. It happened before under Repub and Dem administrations, but more intense and blatant under the “drain the swamp” advocate in the White House. And it will continue forever and ever and ever until we abolish the constitutional ground rules empowering corporate entities with constitutional rights…

“Some appointees are reviewing rules their previous employers sought to weaken or kill, and at least two may be positioned to profit if certain regulations are undone.

The appointees include lawyers who have represented businesses in cases against government regulators, staff members of political dark money groups, employees of industry-funded organizations opposed to environmental rules and at least three people who were registered to lobby the agencies they now work for.”

Every Polluter’s Advocate


The record of Every Polluters Advocate (EPA) regarding the Industrial Excess Landfill (IEL) in Uniontown, Ohio has been for several decades pathetic at best. Their approach has been “dilution is the solution” remediation and “what you don’t test for you won’t find.” Several of the test wells that were considered “hot” were simply not tested.

We (Northeast Ohio AFSC) filed several Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests over several years. We received numerous receipts from the Department of the Army indicating dumping. This confirmed sitings by area residents who witnessed Army trucks bearing radioactive markings letting themselves in and out of the site over a period of time. We also received in the IEL file if I recall a document from the Mound nuclear weapons production site in southern Ohio indicating they transported material to the site. No doubt the haul was something like grass clippings and/or apple peelings.

Several area people, in fact, have died from cancers associated with radiation. A nurse at one time went house to house in the area and found an astoundingly high percentage of radiation related health concerns. Mere coincidence no doubt.

Chris Borello refuses to literally and figuratively bury IEL. Kudos to her.

Coverup and denial have been the major responses.

Harper points out an often forgotten reality. The site sits on a ridge with whatever dumped there flowing in many directions. Thus, the grass clippings, apple peelings and other supposedly too safe to worry about in the long term trash will be shared far and wide.

The EPA at the highest level has been hijacked by the corporate polluters and military. Sad fact…and reality…of many, if not most, of our regulatory agencies — they regulate/confine grassroots concerns/activism and shield those responsible for irresponsible actions.

Uniontown landfill Superfund site includes industrial, radioactive waste: Toxic remains