It’s Up To Us To End The Corporate Monarchy


The fascination of the 29 million people in the United States who watched the British Royal Wedding over the weekend transcended the pageantry of the event and star power of the celebrity guests. In part, the interest was also due to trying to understand the current role of the monarchy in British society.

British Kings and Queens no longer possess unlimited authority. Dictating and defining virtually every action within the far-reaching British Empire is history —  British royalty today are mere figureheads, soap opera-like curiosities to many to distract attention from the day-to-day problems of life.

While people in the US are no longer “subjects” to British Kings and Queens following the colonial revolution, it would be a mistake to conclude We the People have authentically assumed ultimate or “sovereign” power to self-rule.

It’s never been true and much less true today as corporations, which at one time possessed only those powers and privileges granted by We the People through corporate charters, have fought in the courts to win constitutional rights.

Corporations increasingly act like monarchs.

These never-intended rights have allowed corporations to capture our government and elected officials. The continual and far-reaching wedding of corporations and politicians takes many forms — most of which don’t make television and aren’t of the feel-good, Camelot variety. Their nuptial offspring have been laws that harm people, communities and the planet — adversely affecting health care, education, jobs, housing, trade, budgets, food, transportation, energy, the environment, taxes, finance, and more.

If We the People are to be real rulers, then we have to end corporate rule.

Move to Amend is the only organization that not only takes on the undemocratic, unjust and unsustainable role of corporate personhood, we do something about it — specifically working for a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate constitutional rights.

That’s what our We the People Amendment with its 56 co-sponsors in the House of Represenatives, and hundreds of nationwide resolutions and ballot initiatives, and hundreds of other organizational endorsements are all about.

We seek to end corporate monarchy.

To be legitimately politically independent beyond the reach of corporations, government or big foundations, Move to Amend must be economically independent. We must rely for the vast majority of our funding from people like you — dedicated to ending corporate rule and creating authentic democracy. 

Support Move to Amend. We are still $80,000 short, and we need everyone to pitch in — now! Even better than a one time donation is a pledge to invest in the movement to amend by making your donation monthly.

Royal weddings may be fascinating. But it will take many more than the 100,000 people in the streets who gawked at the royal union to royally volunteer your time, energy and resources to divorce corporations from government and governance.

That’s a disunion worth not only watching, but being a part of! Join us!

Thank you,
Greg Coleridge
Outreach Director, Move to Amend

Commit to seeking common ground


Letter to the editor
Akron Beacon Journal, December 4, 2016

With the nation seemingly more divided that ever following the election, people of good will on all sides can make several commitments to seek common ground.

• Make a distinction between criticizing the ideas or actions of a person and criticizing the person himself or herself. Asserting, for example, that someone’s ideas are ignorant is different than asserting that the person is inherently ignorant.

• Treat everyone will dignity and respect, regardless of gender, race, religion, income, sexual orientation, geographic home and political beliefs.

• There are several issues that arose during the election that should be explored by all sides for solutions, beginning at the community level.

“Draining the swamp” of lobbyists and reducing the corrupting influence of big money in elections is one. Increasing jobs lost due to corporate-friendly trade deals and automation is another. Preventing foreign wars that risk U.S. lives is a third. Support for an accessible and affordable health care system that avoids government and corporate intrusion is one more.

This list is a start. The vast majority of individuals in our country have more in common than differences. Let’s make sure our nation’s political and economic power elites don’t divide and conquer us.

Greg Coleridge
Director, Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee
Cuyahoga Falls

Call in TODAY to Congress. Vote NO on the TPP


While candidates are furiously campaigning to be elected this November, a much quieter but just as furious campaign is being waged to pressure Congress to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the lame-duck session just after the election, but before the new Congress convenes next January.

Not very democratic is it?

Neither is the TPP and its profoundly undemocratic Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provision giving giant corporations the power to challenge national laws, rules and regulations protecting workers, consumers, communities and the environment that they claim has harmed their ability to maximize profits.

Today, Wednesday September 14, is a national call-in day opposing the TPP. Call toll free 1-888-659-7351 and tell your Congressperson and Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown to vote NO on the TPP. Global Trade Watch and the Citizens Trade Campaign are among the major organizers of this action.

The TPP is terribly misnamed. It’s not ultimately about trade (be it free or fair). It’s about corporate global rule.

Despite earlier hopes, the TPP is not dead. The Obama Administration is doing the bidding of hundreds of transnational corporations that had a seat at the table when the TPP was first negotiated by pressuring Congressional members to pass the TPP during the lame duck Congress.

The most dangerous provision of the TPP is the ISDS, which hijacks democratic self-determination. A detailed and devastating 4-part investigation into the ISDS is the Global Super Court: A BuzzFeed News Investigation. You don’t have to read much before concluding the ISDS is lethal to national sovereignty, workers rights, consumer protection and environmental sustainability.

AFSC has produced an earlier background piece on the TPP:
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement – Background Information

Click to access AFSC%20Trans%20Pacific%20Partnership.pdf

So, please call-in today. Call toll free 1-888-659-7351 and tell your Congressperson and Senators to vote NO on the TPP.

Not sure who your Congressperson is? Go to

Also, if you’re on Twitter, post this message right now to all your followers:
It’s National #StopTPP Call-in Day: Click here to call yr member of Congress & demand he/she commit to oppose #TPP!

Thank you.

Global Super Court


Read any one article of this tremendous 4-part series on the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) “Global Super Court” and then make the case for supporting the mis-named “trade deals” being huckstered by the global power elite. The issue isn’t about trade, growth, jobs or environmental “side agreements.” The issue is democracy/self-governance/self-determination/sovereignty. It always has been ever since these provisions have been buried inside the NAFTAs, TPPs and other corporate rule agreements. Way past time to re-frame the discussion.

People in Cleveland, Ohio gathered for three days to demand peace, social justice and non-violent solutions


27.07.2016 – Cleveland, Ohio, United States Evelyn Rottengatter

People in Cleveland, Ohio gathered for three days to demand peace, social justice and non-violent solutions




The world’s 400 richest people lost $127 billion yesterday as the global markets plunged because of the Brexit vote.

Brexit wasn’t/isn’t fundamentally about economics, but governance — the right individuals should have to decide their economy and political system. This is part of a growing global trend of individuals who are resisting centralized, non-democratic corporate control lead by unelected bureaucrats doing the bidding of transnational banks and other corporations.

Human rights should be global. Corporate globalization, however, should be resisted. That’s what NAFTA, the WTO and the TPP are all about. That’s also fundamentally what the vote to leave the EU is about.

NEO AFSC December 11, 2015 Podcast


Listen to podcast here

We summarize last week’s activities; share upcoming events for next week; and comment on the new expert report on the killing of Tamir Rice, the Ohio so-called “Right to Work” legislation, the illegal/unconstitutional U.S. war in Syria, how international “trade” deals are already ambushing U.S. sovereignty/democracy, and how the Finnish and Swiss are responding to growing economic and financial problems.

Trans-Pacific Partnership would be assault on U.S. democracy: Letter to the Editor


November 19, 2015

The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement should not only be judged, as the PD (“Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement should be judged on its overall benefit to the U.S. economy,” Forum, Nov. 15) asserts, “on its overall benefit to the U.S. economy,” but also on its overall benefit to U.S. democracy.

While claims of U.S. economic benefit are debatably overstated (as it was with NAFTA), there is no dispute the TPP would be an assault on what’s left of our democratic republic. Only five of the misnamed “trade” agreement’s chapters addresses trade concerns. The remaining 25 chapters establish international rules concerning food, health, banking, the environment, the internet and many other issues.

The TPP’s investor-state dispute settlement provisions would enable corporations from any of the 11 participating countries to challenge environmental and public health laws, regulations and court decisions in corporate-controlled international tribunals that circumvent the U.S. and any other country’s judicial system. The single criteria of these tribunals is whether the existing law, regulation or court decision threatens future corporate profits.

How exactly does this benefit our country? How precisely does it advance the lives of people here and everywhere when corporations hijack the basic right of self-governance?

Don’t be misled. The TPP isn’t primarily about trade, be it free or fair. It’s about expanding corporate governance.

Greg Coleridge,
Cuyahoga Falls
Coleridge is Director of the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee.

To Sherrod Brown: The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Can’t be Reformed

Message at end of article posted today on

Sen. Sherrod Brown blocks trade nominee to protest TPP secrecy



Kudos to Sherrod! However, the TPP can’t be “reformed” since it’s intentionally designed to bypass US laws, regulations and rules.

Multinational corporations who feel US laws, regulations and rules are “impediments to trade” can challenge them before a pro-corporate, unaccountable “Tribunal” with zero appeal. Criteria for decisions aren’t over worker or consumer rights, or environmental protections. It’s simply about potential lost corporate profits. Democracy/self-governance/self-determination (what little we actually have left that is) is history.

Why the heck does anyone think the negotiations have been kept totally secret from the public with the only knowledge about horrific provisions the result of insider leaks? Because they will be beneficial to workers, consumers and citizens? Losing nations either have to change their laws, regulations or rules… or use our tax dollars to pay off multinational corporations.

Holding up nominations is good Sherrod. But the TPP isn’t ultimately about trade (be it “free” or “fair), jobs or transparency. It’s ultimately about democracy  — which will be a complete thing of the past if the TPP goes through.

The TPP cannot be reformed or tweaked. Period. Campaigning for funds for workers who’ve lost their jobs from the deal completely misses the larger issue. The TPP isn’t a “bargaining chip”

Speak out Sherrod. Stand up to the administration and the corporate crowd. Organize your colleagues. The more the public has found out about this via leaks, the less they support it. Stand with the public. Say No to the TPP. Period.

The TPP cannot be reformed or tweaked. Period. who’ve lost their jobs from the deal completely misses the larger issue. The TPP isn’t a “bargaining chip”

Speak out Sherrod. Stand up to the administration and the corporate crowd. Organize your colleagues. The more the public has found out about this via leaks, the less they support it. Stand with the public. Say No to the TPP. Period.

House punts on Fast Track


Looks like the corporate-captured elected officials (led by President Obama, John Boehner and Paul Ryan — how’s that for a coalition!) realize they don’t have the votes to ram this through Congress this week. They are reassessing how to reframe it all, maybe add a few more relatively meaningless token provisions and come back in late July when fewer people at the grassroots they hope are paying attention. It’s testimony to how powerful grassroots pressure was — understanding that Fast Track wasn’t/isn’t about “trade” as much as about “expanding corporate rule” with provisions that allow corporations in the guise of “impediments to trade” and/or “loss of future profits” to challenge and overturn democratically enacted laws and regulations at the federal, state and even municipal levels. We will not be fooled, distracted or mesmerized.

House punts on trade