NEOhio AFSC December 16, 2016 Podcast


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We summarize last week’s activities; share next week’s events; and reflect on undemocratic “lame duck” legislative sessions, the Affordable Care Act, the latest figures on economic (and political) inequality, how Trump’s cabinet picks and funding sources for his inauguration are anything but “populist” and how ExxonMobil corporation argued that their corporate constitutional rights shields it from disclosing climate change documents (Length 36:53).


NEO AFSC October 30, 2015 Podcast

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We summarize last week’s activities; share upcoming events for next week; and comment on upcoming actions on the Trans Pacific Partnership, how income inequality is more severe than we think, the wider importance of the judicial ruling allowing the class action suit by Occupy Wall Street for illegal eviction to proceed, and 3 final reflections on problems of Ohio Issue 2.