‘A drum major for justice’: Lorain city leaders, people of faith share Martin Luther King Jr.’s lessons

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Still identified as working for the American Friends Service Committee, despite our program closing almost 2 years ago…

Winter Solstice


Fitting that the Republicans rammed through Congress the most pro-corporate and pro-wealthy tax bill in at least the last three decades on the eve of the darkest day of the year. I’m convinced, however, that this blatant overreach of greed and power will spark not only a transformative degree of resistance to injustice from this point forward, but also movement for positive fundamental political and economic alternatives. On this Winter Solstice, let the ray of light that we shine be a symbol of the earth’s turning toward greater physical light, but also our own light for truth, compassion and sharing our light with that of others to both resist and transform. Peace, Love and Light!