It will only get worse unless we become more politically active. Political change isn’t like the tides, planetary rotations of other conditions that occur according to physical laws. What’s happening today is not predetermined or destined. It’s conscious. It’s deliberate. Just as it’s been done, it can be undone. And we’ve got to do it.

Does this article make the PD if there was no similar local organizing?


Does this article make the PD if there was no similar local organizing?

I’d like to think we are making an impact here in NE Ohio on increasing awareness about Move to Amend. No way that article gets chosen from the multitudes of possibilities by one or more Plain Dealer editors for publication if there wasn’t either awareness/sympathy of the issue by the editor(s) and/or belief that its publication would be of interest to readers — many of whom in several Northern Ohio communities (Brecksville, Newburgh Heights, Cleveland Heights and Defiance) have voted on their own initiatives or working toward it.

Maybe reading more into it than there is but would still like to hope…

Jobs or Corporate Handouts: What’s it going to be?


Jobs or Corporate Handouts: What's it going to be?

Schoolteachers, first responders and librarians don’t contribute/invest in elected officials like the CEOs and Political Action Committees connected to these 9 transnational corporations…not do they bankroll political SuperPACs which spend millions in political advertising for or against candidates which either support or oppose these tax handouts. This, of course, will continue forever and ever until We the People amass a large enough social movement amending the US Constitution to end corporations having the constitutional “right” to be involved in elections and permitting super wealthy individuals to spend huge sums of money bankrolling politicians and political parties.