Holding Exxon Corporation Accountable

Exxon Corporation leaders knew for decades that burning their “product” destroyed the earth’s climate. They said nothing to their shareholders. Worse, they said nothing to the public. Check that. Not true. Just the opposite. The corpse was among the most vocal deniers that burning fossil fuels caused the rising of temperatures for decades. If we believe punishment should fit the crime, then what should be their punishment? How about a fine, which is standard practice? The corpse after the Exxon Valdez disaster wrote off $900 million as a business expense. That show’d them how tough we can get, right!? Constitutional “personhood” rights via hijacking several Constitutional Amendments intended for human beings alone shielded Exxon Corporation and gave it numerous anti-democratic weapons — as it does all business corporations — from being help publicly accountable. Nothing fundamentally will change unless we change — unless we work to abolish all corporate constitutional rights — and assert human rights and the right to a livable world over corporate/property rights. 


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